Why the NUVO Collective watch will be my first and last….

So, I recently got obsessed with Kickstarter, and boy, am I crazy for it. I’ve been wanting a watch for a while, but I couldn’t find one that wasn’t too manly or too feminine. So, I stumbled into The NUVO Collective. Best stumble online. Ever. First off, it’s a beautiful watch, absolutely stunning with a minimalist look that looks right at home on anyone’s wrist.


The company, NUVO Collective, is based in Sydney Australia. With an incredible attitude and awesome vision, this pair of mad geniuses came up with these awesome watches made out of wood. Yeah, wood. The line is based on the concept that a watch should be as flexible as your style, so they made easy to interchange bodies, with rad straps. They come in five styles:

img-1[1] img-3[1]img-2[1]img-4[1]

From top left to bottom right: The Explore, The Sail, The Traverse, and The Roam. As you can see, they are quiet simply stunning. Personally, I’m getting The Roam. They are all expertly crafted and are even waterproof up to 50m.

They are live on Kickstarter and have already reached their goal, however, their extended goal is to release another body, The Journey, if they reach $15,000 AUD.


So, help them out and get yourself and AMAZING watch. I’m so flipping excited to get mine. I already know it’ll be an everyday item. 2015, COME SOONER!

Their Website

Their Kickstarter

Their Facebook




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