The way to start every. Single. Morning.

Mornings. They are the start to everyday, and starting off a morning right, means your day will go way better than before. How, you ask? Good Mythical Morning, the daily show that will start off the day correctly. The Good Mythical Morning show went on Youtube in 2013, and has since then accumulated over 4 million subscribers. Who are the hosts? Rhett and Link, friends since first grade who have become the evil masterminds behind their podcasts, shows, channels, and documentary. Do yourself a favour and watch their channel trailer.

So, imagine waking up and seeing them talk about something fascinating and being really funny at the same time. Personally, I say yes. A massive yes. Although I just discovered them yesterday, I’ve watched a few hours worth of video, and at least one of podcast. I’m a huge instant fan, and am hoping to buy some swag from there store (which you can get to by clicking here). They play off of each other so well, and it makes it really entertaining to watch, you can tell they’re super best friends. They release a new episode of GMM every weekday morning, and they’re all hilarious. Their website has a bunch of neat stuff, like a community of Mythical Beasts (the fans) so… check it out here.


I’ll just include one of my favourite video of theirs here, just so you can enjoy. I respect these guys so much, and if you readers like them, please support the, by commenting and liking their videos (channel here: here) and don’t forget to subscribe!

After watching that video, my throat actually felt raw. They’re gonna kill themselves one day…

– Studio 900